Wives cheating on their husbands with other women, Part 75


No man saw the greatest conspiracy in history coming. Women were removing men from existence – physically, sexually and spiritually. Every woman touched by this conspiracy becoming a lesbian, indulging in the kinkiest, most erotic pursuits with other women, eliminating men from the world and their lives and pursuing new converts to their twisted, sybaritic lifestyles! Hot, steamy, filthy and nasty, these tales go to the limits of taste…and cross them.

This is the series that has outraged some men, and has absolutely thrilled women and confident, thoughtful men with its extraordinary narrative of the events in the global war that few even knew was occurring!

Rebecca Harrison went to Family Interactions Therapists to learn how to develop a closer relationship with her daughter. What she found instead will stun the reader with its audacity and and sheer sexuality and scope. This book is the opening salvo of the new series, “Daughters of the American Evolution,” a shocking history of a world which could yet be, with its revolutionary implications for every man, woman, boy and girl on Earth.

After you read this, you will most definitely have a new perspective on the “war” between men and women!

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It was the second night of their honeymoon, the last he ever saw of his new bride. She never even turned around as she walked up the stairs.

The last he’d heard, she was working as a prostitute to other women, a lesbian courtesan.

And so very happy.



“Why are your lips so chapped?” he asked her. “It seems to be a recent thing. Perhaps that nursing student we just took in as a tenant has some idea of how to care for it.”

“Perhaps so,” she replied. “I’ll ask her about it in the morning.”



It was only a matter of time before Alice’s niece, visiting from Australia, would set the lonely housewife off on a new path. Happening upon the girl, fresh from her bath, was just the splendid occasion for it.



As Dora faded into a wonderfully ecstatic dream, she marveled at the difference in how perfectly Marie wielded a cock versus how her husband tried to.



At first, Cynthia was disappointed that the romantic lighting made her first view of another woman’s cunt so hard to see…but then she realized that the dim light would justify placing her face mere inches away from the moist and fragrant bit of heaven.



When the airline, as a cost saving measure, made the flight attendants double up on their hotel rooms, Sherri thought that it might make for some uncomfortable situations…











But as it turned out, the girls weren’t uncomfortable at all!

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