Wives cheating on their husbands with other women, Part 74


The evil lesbians of Females Inherit Terra (FIT), the global sapphic conspiracy to turn all women into cunt loving dykes, had succeeded in kidnapping Senator Turnstone’s young trophy wife, Sophia.

Holding her in their secure, hidden facility, now they would convert her to their warped and twisted sexual point of view, and teach her to love lesbian sex, the more twisted, the better.



“Yes, darling, this IS going to hurt…but before you know it, your pain will become the greatest pleasure you’ve ever experienced. Each clamp is sharpened and will bite into your sensitive nipples. The pain is excruciating, but thanks to the FIT virus with which we have infected you, by the time the sensation reaches your sweet little clit, it will be ecstasy.”



“And of course your sweet little clitty needs to be free to cum, no?” Her torturer laughed and pulled out her very sharp and long scissors and began removing Sophia’s expensive black slacks.



“Ahh, that’s nice,” her tormentor smiled. “You have such a beautiful, petite cunt, my dear. It will be wonderful when you agree with us that it is only for women’s pleasure to use, not for any disgusting man.”

Sophia squirmed, partly out of fear at the sharp instrument being so close to her body, but also at an irresistible tingle of pleasure that began coursing through her, the FIT lesbian virus beginning its work.



“Ladies, our newest inductee is prepared for her indoctrination,” the FIT woman laughed. “Her pussy will soon be available, eager and willing for any woman to use for her pleasure.”



“She squirms and shivers with fear, but even now it is turning into pleasure inside her, as thoughts of her husband slowly disappear from her memory and mind, and awareness of her growing pleasure blossoms inside her hot and supple body.”



“Darling, this vibrator is tiny, but it will bring you more pleasure than ever your husband could,” she tells the captive wife. “You will be begging for it in just a few minutes.”



“I can see the desire in your eyes, darling,” her tormentor continued. “Your mind still fights, but your body and soul are already ours.”



Finally, the pleasure is too much, and Sophia cums, over and over again, her body thrilling to the nasty pleasures that her tormentor – now teacher- grants her, her clitoris pulsing with hot waves of erotic sapphic delight, her mind broken down by ceaseless pleasure and ecstasy, her future as a cunt hungry dyke now clear to her – and so welcome.



The moment soon comes.

“Are you hungry to taste another woman’s pussy?” Her teacher, soon to be her lover, asks.

“Oh god, yess,” Sophia thinks, grunting her agreement through the confining tape over her mouth. “If only my mouth were free to kiss you, my love, and eat your hot, wet pussy!”



Now Sophia moves on to the next stage of her training, in which her entire past will be obliterated and she will completely be made into a FIT woman, loving and fucking only other women. The Hitachi vibrator will become her goddess until the moment she’s granted her freedom to be a lesbian, licking other women’s cunts and assholes, and sucking their taut nipples.



The 24 hours that she spends completely bound, with the vibrator stimulating her clitoris the entire time, drives her nearly insane with pleasure, her body cumming perhaps a thousand times!



Other delightful torments with the device confirm her dedication to girl on girl love forever.



She then graduates into a confirmed lesbian, anxious to convert other straight women to her new point of view. She smiles in gratitude at her luck in being saved by the militant group of dykes.



No man saw the greatest conspiracy in history coming. Women were removing men from existence – physically, sexually and spiritually. Every woman touched by this conspiracy becoming a lesbian, indulging in the kinkiest, most erotic pursuits with other women, eliminating men from the world and their lives and pursuing new converts to their twisted, sybaritic lifestyles! Hot, steamy, filthy and nasty, these tales go to the limits of taste…and cross them.

This is the series that has outraged some men, and has absolutely thrilled women and confident, thoughtful men with its extraordinary narrative of the events in the global war that few even knew was occurring!

Rebecca Harrison went to Family Interactions Therapists to learn how to develop a closer relationship with her daughter. What she found instead will stun the reader with its audacity and and sheer sexuality and scope. This book is the opening salvo of the new series, “Daughters of the American Evolution,” a shocking history of a world which could yet be, with its revolutionary implications for every man, woman, boy and girl on Earth.

After you read this, you will most definitely have a new perspective on the “war” between men and women!

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One thought on “Wives cheating on their husbands with other women, Part 74

  1. “~Viewing and reading this begin my sincere interest in the theme and books. Going to the first entry, I began a thorough understanding and comprehension of the sexual drama and found many elements of interest!~“


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