Wives cheating on their husbands with other women, Part 73


It’s kind of hard for Ed Watson to believe that a little gust of wind could end a marriage, but it’s true.

That cute little ass you see there doesn’t belong to his wife, but to their nanny. The wind flipped up her short skirt and caught his eye. It caught his wife’s eye too, and now she can look at that cute little female bottom all bare and ready to be kissed any time she wants in their bed in their new apartment, but all Ed has is this picture.

“Still,” he thought,  “that is one great rear end, even if it did turn my wife into a lesbian.”



What would you do if you discovered that your wife was having a torrid sexual affair…with another woman? Discover husband Carl’s reactions to the graphic, kinky and absolutely perverted lesbian sex that his hot wife is enjoying as he watches and listens against his will! Her body writhing sensually, her moans of pleasure driving him to…what?

In this series, Lisa Summers graphically shows men’s honest, raw reactions to seeing and hearing their spouses involved in extreme sexual acts with other women, and how they adapt to the betrayal. This soon to be popular series goes where few other erotic stories go in depicting the rare and unusual cuckolding of a husband by another woman, and the wife’s willing descent into lesbianism!

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“Oh, it’s way past time for you to decide if you’re straight or bi,” Tina, my BFF said.

“Now it’s time for the rubber to meet the road…or rather, the tongue to meet the clit.”

What could I say? Especially considering that my mouth was watering.



It was while my piano teacher Francesca was innocently changing into a more casual outfit for my lesson that I realized I didn’t need piano lessons, I needed Francesca’s pussy on my face.

And I certainly didn’t need my limp dick husband around anymore.

“Oh, Francesca,” I began…and so began our little duet.



FIT, or “Females Inherit Terra” is one of the lesbian organizations chronicled by Lisa Summers in her series of erotic books for e-readers called “Daughters of the American Evolution.”

A common technique for the lesbian indoctrination of a straight woman by the women of FIT is to first infect her with their virus, then sexually torment her for hours. Afterward, after dozens of orgasms, the woman will be a confirmed dyke interested only in licking pussy and female ass.



Once she was turned into a FIT woman, only pussy would satisfy the inductee, never cock. Orgies are common among the women of FIT, and dozens of orgasms by each woman are normal. And what amazing orgasms!



Sam Ellington became nervous when he saw his wife Marie holding a gun and speaking quietly to the new nanny she’d hired, especially since the nanny seemed to have far more interest in Marie than in their children. It didn’t help matters that Marie often took the nanny behind closed doors to “train” her, though the training seemed to involves a lot of sighs, gasps of pleasure and feminine moaning.

He had good reason to fear, since the nanny had inducted his wife into FIT, and the idea of murdering her husband was becoming more and more attractive to her.



Todd was impressed that his new bride Eva was striking up a friendship with the Swedish girl at the nude beach on their honeymoon. When Eva told him that she was off to visit the girl at her villa suite while he played golf, he thought nothing of it.

But when she never came back he began to worry. His worries didn’t end when he received her letter demanding an annulment of their week long marriage.



“Look at those two women kissing,” Eddie sniggered, elbowing his girlfriend as they walked along the beach. “A couple of hot looking dykes, fuck,” he said.

Too bad he didn’t notice the look she gave him, though to his credit he did notice when she moved out of their apartment and moved in with her BFF Sheila two weeks later. Fortunately Sheila only had one bed, which worked out perfectly for their plans.



Eve had never been interested in anyone’s butt, until she discovered that her newly discovered half sister from Guam (by her sailor father) had a perfect one.

Now she thinks of nothing else.



The job called for young model Natalie to participate in a recreation of a number of scenarios from the 1960s.

Black and white coarse grain photography was the go to for the Beat Scene back then,” the female photographer explained. “You can still find that kind of thing on the Internet…anyway, it’s all the rage today, people are tired of high definition.”

She went on to explain that Natalie and the other model would specifically be replicating a scene from an exploitation flick from 1962 called Satan’s Sapphic Sadists.”

It was about 3 hours into the set that Natalie discovered that she didn’t mind at all having her mouth inches away from the crotch of another female wearing a strap on dildo. When she closed even that small gap, the other girl discovered she also didn’t mind a bit.

This and that, a few months later, Natalie moved in with Dina, the other girl.

Bad news for their boyfriends. Good news for Natalie and Dina.

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