Wives cheating on their husbands with other women, Part 72


“Oh!” Naomi squeaked, a surprised look in her eyes. “You seem to have caught me undressing.”

“But I thought you were getting dressed,” responded her bridesmaid Joy, confused.

“Yes…I was. Now I’m undressing,” she said, as the slip fell away from her beautiful breasts and she stepped to the bed, looking back at Joy meaningfully.

“The rehearsal dinner can wait,” Naomi said.



There’s a hot new fragrance coming to market, and once women get a whiff of it, nothing will ever be the same. It’s Suddenly I C, and it’s changing the lives of the women who wear it…and the women they meet. Don’t be left out, there’s a wild, sexy and lust-filled revolution going on, and men can’t play. An erotic lesbian classic from Lisa Summers, the internet’s most satisfying erotic writer!

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I was Katy’s first female date since her realization that she might be bi and her subsequent divorce from her husband, Edward.

“It was a little confusing at first,” she giggled. “I’m used to finding some lumpy thing here.”

“But this is way better,” she said with a sigh, as her finger slipped inside me.



All that a blindfolded Bonnie could tell was that this was the third woman in a row fucking her, as she came yet again.

“I’m making sure that my husband is away on business for every birthday from now on,” she thought, as the pleasant glow inside her grew, once again.



Pastry chef Michelle wasn’t sure what licking Eve’s ass had to do with finishing their chocolate souffle for the Anderson wedding, but she felt no urge at all to question her employer’s orders.



“Those sure look like Amy’s legs,” thought Percival, as he looked at the two women tangled up while they fucked on his bed.

“But I’d sure hate to say something and get it wrong. My wife has such a terrible temper when I accuse her of something.”



“You look SO much better in that shirt than my husband does,” said Linda, moving in closer to her sister in law Amy.

“I look a lot better than him out of it, too,” replied Amy, as she slipped it off a shoulder.

Linda smiled. Bob’s sister really was a girl after her own heart, as she had hoped.



Janice Adams looked at the agency’s newest model with a critical eye.

“Sweet, pouting lips, clear blue eyes, small breasted, girlish hips…” she mused. “If she were dressed in a boy’s clothes, she’d be mistaken for a pretty young boy.”

“Until you get between her legs…then she’s all woman…”

“I bid $200,000 for this one,” she announced at the charity auction in Paris, where every successful bidder would get to spend a day with the Reynolds Modeling Agency’s top models in return for a contribution to the founder’s favorite charity.

But Janice didn’t care about that. She was focused on the fact that her outlandish bid and contribution would get her a night, not a day, with the girl.



Svetlana persisted in pretending to not understand how plumbing works in the Western world.

“I make mess, you clean, yes?” she smiled at Ella, who sighed.

“I guess I’ll have to lick her all over again,” Ella thought, taking consolation in the thought that Svetlana’s wet pussy would provide the cream topping on this cherry sundae.

She was about to start when Svetlana spoke up again. “And you give me your shower, yes? Your golden shower I think it is called?” she giggled.

Ella shivered. This was an exciting new turn in their game.



This was a quite different perspective on Diane’s relationship with her new boss.

“A very welcome perspective,” thought Diane, as she licked her lips and rose up on her knees towards paradise.



“Thank goodness for yoga,” Marina thought, as she came for the third time.



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