Wives cheating on their husbands with other women, Part 71


There’s a hot new fragrance coming to market, and once women get a whiff of it, nothing will ever be the same. It’s Suddenly I C, and it’s changing the lives of the women who wear it…and the women they meet. Don’t be left out, there’s a wild, sexy and lust-filled revolution going on, and men can’t play. An erotic lesbian classic from Lisa Summers, the internet’s most satisfying erotic writer!

Previously published under this title, this Lisa Summers classic of lesbian mind control and graphic sex is back and better than ever, and only available from Lisa herself. Her copious library of erotic books available here is the best source of exciting and satisfying sexual scenarios featuring the world’s most beautiful and sexy women.

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When you’re the faculty advisor to a college cheer squad, and you’re in the closet, and one of the girls decides that she’s bi and that she wants to seduce you…

…you do it, you just do it. You’re not made of stone, for goodness’ sake.



Steve was SO happy that he’d installed a security camera in the living room. As he looked at the real-time video of his wife on his cell phone, he wondered if the semen stain he was jetting on the duvet of his hotel room bed would annoy the maid.

“Fuck her,” he thought, feeling a pang of jealousy that that was exactly what his sister was in the process of doing to his wife.



Eric knew by the small smile on his wife’s face that he’d be sleeping in the guest bedroom that night, while she and her new secretary got to know each other a little better in her bed.



“LUber?” he said. “What the hell is LUber?”

“It’s lesbian Uber,” she explained. “You make a call, a girl comes and gives you a ride.”

“Damn,” he said. “Girls really have it knocked.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty sweet,” she responded, smiling and licking her lips.



“Oh, hi Mrs. Adams. I knew your daughter Jennie wasn’t here, but she said I could use the pool anytime…you wouldn’t happen to have a towel I could use, would you? I’m only wet in one place but maybe you could take care of that…”



“It’s not gay if we both have our panties on when we cum,” my sister said.

Although I had my doubts, I really wanted to cum, so I pretended she was right.



You know you were a helicopter mom, making sure your daughter was always safe, and when she had asked you to take a bath with her, it was again to make sure she’d be safe then, too.

But now she’s 18, and when she asks you to take a bath with her, suddenly neither of you is thinking about what’s “safe,” as you begin to unbutton your blouse…



There’s even more excitement and anticipation now as a married woman, than there was wondering as a little girl  what Santa brought you, when you look forward to your first experience with another girl in a few minutes.



It was so great when your blonde wife arranged a hot threesome with the single neighbor. You got to cum twice – twice! – and watch your wife lick another pretty girl’s pussy.

It was less great when your wife decided that pussies tasted so much better than cock, and started going out at night with some butch dykes, and eventually left you for one.



This…this was the touch that Mary Ann needed to set off the fireworks inside her own clit.

“Ed’s going to be angry when I tell him I don’t love him, but I never did…I needed to know myself and Lisa has shown me that.”

Her growing happiness completely drowned out any further thoughts of her husband, and she then returned her full attention to her niece’s supple body.

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