Wives cheating on their husbands with other women, Part 68


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“That’s okay, Mrs. Miller, I didn’t come here to fuck your son.

I came to fuck you.”



Donna was shaken by seeing the two women together on her honeymoon in Barbados. But she never said anything to her new husband David, the image constantly filling her head.

So it was no real surprise when, a month after returning home she visited the lesbian bar in her hometown, eventually fucking a girl named Susan in her Pathfinder.



“Um, I think you forgot your panties, Eileen,” Marcia timidly said to her new friend. When Eileen pointed out that Marcia hadn’t taken her eyes off her bare pussy for even a second, Marcia began to see that Eileen’s comments about the desirability of girl-girl love were really directed at her.

That was when she removed her panties, too.



Linda had told Eloise that she could fuck better than Eloise’s husband. Eloise hadn’t believed her bi friend, but decided to give it a go, if only to prove Linda wrong.

Linda wasn’t wrong, and Eloise wasn’t straight, anymore.



“Honey, are you okay in there? Are you helping Marie with whatever made her rush in there?”


“Okay, well just let me know if there’s anything you want me to do.”

“…” (soft moans)



The two models were still wearing the underwear from the photo shoot, but the client needn’t worry that the clothes would get dirty.

They weren’t going to stay on them very long.



The happiest moment of Debra’s marriage came when her husband went on a week long business trip, and her best friend Annie happened to bring up her interest in dominant and submissive love play over coffee.

The two never left the bedroom for two whole days, except for when Debra prepared their meals – in the nude, of course.



“Oh, thank goodness,” responded Maurice Bancroft. “I thought you were kissing a boy!”

His wife Tricia smiled. Donna was so much better than any boy.



“We were just talking about metaphysics,” Denise told her husband. “Now go to bed.”

He turned and shuffled off, his tiny cock stiff with desire for his wife’s naked body.

“Now…where were we?” she said. “Oh yes…your eyes are like a universe of shining stars to me…”



It always amazed Noell that a woman’s soft fingers caressing her full breasts could make her cum, when her husband could pound her for hours with his ugly cock to no good end.



Yvette thought back to her college days when she watched the two women making love. And now her old roommate Cindy had moved back to the city after divorcing her husband.

She’d have to give Cindy a call. Soon.



Petra was shocked when her client’s wife expressed an interest in sharing something more than conversation. Before her husband returned from the men’s room, she smiled and told Petra that he always went to bed early.

“It just so happens that I’m free later…” Petra offered.



Roberta discovered after 5 seconds that cunnilingus was something she’d like to know more about. Which meant that her husband would be getting a whole lot less fellatio.



or visit me at Lesbian Lust Gazette Illustrated

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