Wives cheating on their husbands with other women, Part 67


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Donna went to the strip club with her boyfriend only because he had pestered her to for so long.

But she returned the next night without him. And the next…


Eddie thought that the expression “seeing red” was just some sort of literary expression to convey anger. But watching his wife with her BFF on their nanny cam, he found their lovemaking seemed bathed in crimson.

Still, he felt no anger, just the desire to unzip and jack himself off furiously.



Not only had Shelly become a nudist, but she’d developed an attraction to another girl at the naturist camp. Good news for Shelly, bad news for her husband, Sam, a fundamentalist religious sort of guy.



“Oh man, Kathy looks so fucking good in black,” thought David, his eyes all over their threesome playmate. But of course she looked even better out of it, and the threesome went downhill rapidly when his wife Tina decided that she didn’t want to share Kathy with him.



When Denise saw the au pair topless on their family vacation to Sint Maarten, the whole concept of “family” began to change for her, and her husband Tim was the first to go.


Those little “friendly peck on the cheek” kisses so often go on to reveal two friends’ true feelings for each other.


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“So, what do you think about my Halloween costume?” Leslie asked her friend Toni, in the store dressing room.

“I think that you and I aren’t going to make it to the party when you put it on,” answered Toni, her eyes all over her best friend’s curvy body.

“So…I guess that’s a yes?” said Leslie with a small smile.



“Jesus, Samantha, you’re hopeless with putting on outfits,” said her sister. “Here, let me help you with that.”

Samantha looked so confused. “Maybe I should just take everything off and start over,” she mused.

“That’s a good idea,” said her sister, and minutes later when they kissed she finally understood Samantha’s strategy.



There was something about the new employee from Australia, a blonde named Terri, that intrigued her supervisor Alexa.

It was two weeks later, in Terri’s bed, that she discovered what it was.



Models are said to be very self-absorbed, concerned as they are about the monetization of their looks. But Anna and Michelle were able to overcome that barrier, and on a swimsuit shoot in Hawaii discovered the greater pleasures of falling in love with another woman.



“Those are just, like, tattoos of lips, right?” said Tim nervously. “You haven’t really been kissing the sex therapist, have you…dammit, you know we got her so she could help me with my problem…”

“About that, Tim,” Sheila said. “Your wife and I have decided that you’re the problem.”

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