Wives cheating on their husbands with other women, Part 66



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Donna looked at her step daughter Cherish contemplatively.

“She’s 18 now, it’s really time that I showed her the different kinds of love that a mother and daughter can experience,” she thought.

“Sweetie, come on up to the bedroom with me, I want to show you something,” she said to the pretty and nubile teenager. “You don’t need to put your top back on.”




Outside of the divorce hearing, Tanya shrugged and said to David, “We were just rolling on the bed giggling about something. Then…it just happened.”

She walked off hand in hand with Zoe and never looked back.



Every woman has at least one BFF. So the “Two-Women” exercise program became wildly popular as it swept the nation, although the number of divorces also coincidentally skyrocketed. Fortunately the number of lesbian marriages also rose dramatically to keep the wedding planners fully employed.



“What the hell happened here?” Richard asked Stephanie the nanny, as he entered the breakfast room.

“Your wife,” shrugged Stephanie.



“God, Larisa, I told you to wait until he’s gone,” Natalie told the maid.

“I could not wait to feel your tongue inside me,” the young Russian servant  purred. “Besides, your husband, he is stupid,” she retorted with a sly smile.

“Even so,” Natalie answered, sighing.



“Oh hi honey,” Samantha said. “Ann was just showing me her new panties. Now why don’t you start dinner and we’ll be downstairs in a little bit.”



“It kind of looked like Shelly’s hair, but her sister’s leg was up so I couldn’t really see for sure. Anyway, I was so embarrassed bursting in on her sister doing whatever she was doing with another woman in the guest bedroom that I backed out before they saw me,” Frank told the guy next to him in the bar.

“And your wife…she’s this Shelly?” the man asked, trying to file the images properly in his mental spank bank.



“Oh, I saw an old friend from college today,” Bianca told her husband. “She pulled up in her car as I was walking on the sidewalk. Well, I just had to catch up with how her life’s going, you know how that is.”



Susan found herself intrigued by the tiny tuft of untamed hair in her niece’s shorts, and resolved to spend a day with her as soon as possible to get to the root of the matter.

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