Wives cheating on their husbands with other women, Part 66



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Donna looked at her step daughter Cherish contemplatively.

“She’s 18 now, it’s really time that I showed her the different kinds of love that a mother and daughter can experience,” she thought.

“Sweetie, come on up to the bedroom with me, I want to show you something,” she said to the pretty and nubile teenager. “You don’t need to put your top back on.”




Outside of the divorce hearing, Tanya shrugged and said to David, “We were just rolling on the bed giggling about something. Then…it just happened.”

She walked off hand in hand with Zoe and never looked back.



Every woman has at least one BFF. So the “Two-Women” exercise program became wildly popular as it swept the nation, although the number of divorces also coincidentally skyrocketed. Fortunately the number of lesbian marriages also rose dramatically to keep the wedding planners fully employed.



“What the hell happened here?” Richard asked Stephanie the nanny, as he entered the breakfast room.

“Your wife,” shrugged Stephanie.



“God, Larisa, I told you to wait until he’s gone,” Natalie told the maid.

“I could not wait to feel your tongue inside me,” the young Russian servant  purred. “Besides, your husband, he is stupid,” she retorted with a sly smile.

“Even so,” Natalie answered, sighing.



“Oh hi honey,” Samantha said. “Ann was just showing me her new panties. Now why don’t you start dinner and we’ll be downstairs in a little bit.”



“It kind of looked like Shelly’s hair, but her sister’s leg was up so I couldn’t really see for sure. Anyway, I was so embarrassed bursting in on her sister doing whatever she was doing with another woman in the guest bedroom that I backed out before they saw me,” Frank told the guy next to him in the bar.

“And your wife…she’s this Shelly?” the man asked, trying to file the images properly in his mental spank bank.



“Oh, I saw an old friend from college today,” Bianca told her husband. “She pulled up in her car as I was walking on the sidewalk. Well, I just had to catch up with how her life’s going, you know how that is.”



Susan found herself intrigued by the tiny tuft of untamed hair in her niece’s shorts, and resolved to spend a day with her as soon as possible to get to the root of the matter.

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Wives cheating on their husbands with other women, Part 65


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What would you do if you discovered that your wife was having a torrid sexual affair…with another woman? Discover husband Carl’s reactions to the graphic, kinky and absolutely perverted lesbian sex that his hot wife is enjoying as he watches and listens against his will! Her body writhing sensually, her moans of pleasure driving him to…what?

In this series, Lisa Summers graphically shows men’s honest, raw reactions to seeing and hearing their spouses involved in extreme sexual acts with other women, and how they adapt to the betrayal. This soon to be popular series goes where few other erotic stories go in depicting the rare and unusual cuckolding of a husband by another woman, and the wife’s willing descent into becoming a lesbian hotwife!



Hubbies, this is what she does on those dress up lunches with her girlfriends…


…and there’s always lots to eat! And yes, the pleasure is all hers!


“Oh my god, Marie, at first I was like ‘What IS this gif you sent me?’ Then I was a little skeeved out that you’d send something like that to me on my phone.”

“But now I’m thinking, it would be nice if maybe you could come over…y’know?”



Men, it’s as simple as touching a woman like this. Another woman understands that touch, men, not so much.



“Lorna is the best kisser,” Eve sighed. “I cum every time she kisses me.”

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Wives cheating on their husbands with other women, Part 64


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Jennifer had unfortunately been sexually molested before – when her husband had manhandled her, she felt pain and sorrow and regret.

But when Cynthia groped her, Jennifer felt only a strange excitement – and a desire for more.


“I don’t see a towel around here,” Andrea said to her boss Sheila, as her beautiful blonde supervisor exited the pool on their working vacation together. “How are you going to dry off?”

“Use your tongue,” responded Sheila.

Andrea shivered with pleasure, and knelt down….


Lily thought about all the bacon grease spatters she’d be licking from Marie’s pussy. She enjoyed the saltiness, but except for Marie’s pussy, Lily only ate veggies.


“Isn’t it a beautiful view?” exclaimed Shelly to her cousin Amy.

“What? Uh yeah, it’s fucking exquisite,” responded Amy, as she fiddled with the zipper on Shelly’s sleeping bag. “Hey, I think your sleeping bag’s messed up, we’ll have to share,” she added. Her pussy was already getting wet in anticipation of a reprise of their night of love the last time they’d camped out.


Tina could never be sure if the nanny had somehow slipped out of her panties unconsciously as she slept, or if she was sending the young wife and mother a message. But in any case, Tina decided to retreat to the bathroom to address her dilemma and alleviate her immediate sexual longings, then plan her future with the young Swedish girl.


It was the second session with the sex therapist that my wife and I had scheduled, due to my complaints that our sex life had become kind of blah…

“Please, observe this very carefully, you can learn all that you need to know to become sexually satisfied,” the therapist said, looking at us, her legs splayed, her aroused sex on full display.

“So, you mean that I should learn to please Beth by understanding where she will feel the most arousal as I touch her?” I asked, shifting myself to take the pressure off my swollen cock.

“No, not at all. What I mean is that this is how I will touch your wife to show her how I can please her,” the therapist replied, her eyes on my wife’s.

When my wife smiled, I knew that I had made a poor choice of therapists, but also I now knew why our sex life had gotten so shitty. When Beth moved in with her, I was certain of it.


The taste of Susan’s mouth was orange juice and liqueur. For a period of two seconds, Diana looked at the young girl’s sweet face and compared her taste to her husband’s chronic cigarette smoke, sour beer taste and bearded jowls.

That was all it too for her to make her decision of a lifetime. Just two seconds.


Foolishly, Dominic hired the nanny because her face looked like this, so beautiful and yummy.

Too bad her face was all he ever saw. It was his wife who got to see her like this…

…regularly, every day after Dominic left for work.


“Yes, that is correct, clean it with your tongue,” the new au pair instructed young mother Donna with her persuasive French accent.

Donna shrugged. It was certainly a peculiar form of toilet hygiene, but an interesting and exciting solution to the problem of her growing attraction to women. She’d do anything to fuck this girl and avoid her husband’s clammy kisses


Sheila could now see the genius of her sister’s methods in helping them both get to sleep quickly…or at least after an hour of shared bliss, anyway.

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Wives cheating on their husbands with other women, Part 63


Elaine thought that she was the last living person on earth.

And then she saw Terri, who was both the next to last living person on earth, and absolutely perfect.

Which made Elaine very happy. Especially when Terri whispered, “I guess we’re not the queer ones anymore, huh?” and took Elaine’s hand in hers.


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https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/LisaSummers – Beautifully erotic lesbian fiction on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and many other e-reader sites.

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Marti was disconsolate, shipwrecked on the little desert island.

Until another boatload of survivors showed up, and in the mood for love.

Marti’s kind of love.



I always have coffee and something creamy and sweet for breakfast.



Her sisters laughed. “Ronnie, even you couldn’t handle a strap on that big. Put on your 8 incher and show us what a loving big sis you are.”



Steven admired his wife’s body as she stood in the surf of the Caribbean beach.

Unfortunately, so did one of the most beautiful girls that either of them had ever seen.

Even more unfortunately, his wife admired the girl’s body enough to leave him for her.



Elisa brought to her new found lesbian interest all the passion that she had brought to her marriage with Jim, before he began to bore her. Fortunately, Elisa’s new female lovers weren’t at all boring.



As soon as her husband Robert left for work, Sheila would walk over to their neighbor Joan’s house, and assume the position that Joan had decided was best for a Mistress and her sapphic slut.



Sometimes a wife needs a little strange. In this case, another woman’s filthy asshole.

Her husband Todd thought it was strange, but far too busy masturbating while watching her to complain.



Such a simple little thing, yet the source of the greatest pleasure to women who love other women.



Poor cousins Carol and Donna could only afford one outfit between them, a skimpy one at that. How to equitably share the two pieces was a constant source of disagreement for them, but fortunately the make up sex afterward was exquisite.



The hot dykes of FIT don’t miss an opportunity to turn straight women into lesbians, and those lucky women adore the change! But as with every pleasure, there are risks, and murder is not the least of those risks. Kendra Wright is key to the success of Veloton Fit, and if she succeeds, innocent housewife Sarah Putnam may have to pay the ultimate price! Will she come to enjoy another woman’s touch?

The hottest fitness craze of the day is the Veloton Fit stationary bike fitness system. For some reason it’s attracting numerous women to join in, but men seem to be left out. Kendra Wright is the Project Leader driving it, but her tastes in sex are sapphic, and her methods exotic. Why are the women she comes in contact with becoming lesbians overnight, and what does it all mean for the innocent women who buy the fitness system? And what will happen to Sarah Putnam, who talked her husband into letting her buy one?

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Wives cheating on their husbands with other women, Part 62


Unlike her husband, Elise needed absolutely no instruction on how to please a woman.


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After spending three hours cooking for her new girlfriend, Gina was still pleased that it was she who got eaten rather than the coq au vin.


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“If you’re going to be a friend of my daughter, you’ll have to learn how to sit properly,” mama told my new friend from school.

“Take off your panties before you spread your legs,” she said. “It will get you the girl’s attention right away. Isn’t that right, Lisa?”

“Oh yes, mama,” I answered her. “Cindy, can I help you take off your panties now?”

“That’s a good girl,” said mama with a smile.



“I like to have choices with my girlfriends,” I told Mia. “In your case, will I lick pussy or ass first?”

“If you don’t mind,” Mia said, “I adore having my ass eaten…”



While it didn’t hurt that they were already half naked, Tina melted for Sarah as soon as her warm, soft lips touched her shoulder.

“My nipples are so hard right now,” she murmured, incidentally inviting her cousin to explore their love further. As long as they kept quiet in the darkened bedroom they were sharing at the farm, they could spend all night discovering each other.



Donna was everything I could want in a best friend – beautiful, independent and caring. Also, tired of being married to a man and newly lesbian, just like me.



“I think you know what to do from here, don’t you, Mrs. Adams?” Peta said. “And no hands, those are the rules.”



Sometimes you’re attracted to a food by its color. In this case, pink and red.



With each stroke of her tongue, Edie thanked the goddess that Marie was her new sister-in-law.



“It’s a Disney tradition that if you make a wish while your eyes are closed, and really, truly believe, your wish will come true,” Susan told Ella.

And just like that, Susan and Ella were transported from Fantasy Land to Pleasure Island.



Laura knows EVERY #hotwife in town, and has a WILD surprising visitor and an extremely rewarding and exciting sexy afternoon. Her life is about to change in a VERY big way, and her sexual adventures are on a course to exceed the wild romps that she’s enjoyed with her paying customers! Join her and her two very special lovers, but be warned: ADULTS ONLY, CONTAINS EXTREME SCAT FETISH AND OTHER HOT BANNED PRACTICES!!

Wives cheating on their husbands with other women, Part 61


“Jesus fuck, Donna, it’s not that difficult. Your husband, or me?”

“Take off your bra, Michelle,” responded Donna with a soft sigh. “It’s no contest.”



Enid sighed,  slipping on her shoes as she looked down at Tammy sleeping. “It won’t always be like this,” she whispered.

“When he’s dead we can be together all the time.”


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Amy considered that her privileged position – between Mistress’s thighs – was so much better than Betty’s. Especially when Mistress was on her period.



“That’s a beautiful photo,” Lianna’s husband remarked, as he watched her framing the oversized print. “Who took it, some professional?”

“No,” Lianna said with a smile, her moment come at last. “I did, on my honeymoon with your sister…when you thought that I was on a business trip. And now we should talk…”



“I’m dressed as you requested, Mrs. Olsen,” said the model. “I rarely get called to somebody’s home for a photo shoot. Where should I sit?”

“Over here, dear,” the attractive middle aged businesswoman replied. “On the bed…and it’s not exactly a photo shoot we’ll be doing today…”



“Wait, you’re not leaving…I’ve only cum a dozen times…” sighed Trish.

Maria shook her head ruefully. Her tongue would be the death of her.



Mira reflected that watching her lovers dress was nearly as fascinating as watching them undress.



“I’ve never licked THAT,” said Tracy, her manner seemingly nervous.

But her tongue licking her lips so languidly gave away her real interest and desire.



Sasha made it so easy for Zoe to forget that she was married…to a man. Whatever his name was.



Laura is a rare breed – a woman who sells herself for sex – to other women! In Book 4 she has a hot romp with a jaded Mother Superior, no holds barred! Then she has a sweet romantic and sensual interlude with a pretty young nun, and the orgasms are unlimited, followed by a surprise finale! Hot lesbian sex is Laura’s profession, and her stories of the many cute women she thrills are near limitless.

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Here’s the first half of the story to get you started…

From: Sarah Morison

To: Melissa Sykes

Date: Jan 07, 2016

Subject: This and that

Melissa, I was so sorry to hear of your husband Michael’s passing. Although you and I have only been internet acquaintances and I didn’t know your Michael personally, I feel the loss, and hope and pray that your pain soon passes to be replaced by warm memories of your beloved husband. I don’t know what I would do if ever I lost my Robert – he is my whole life!



Jan 09, 2016

Melissa, Thank you for your quick response (although of course one wasn’t required.) Yes, I’d like to get to know you better, though your friend Margery here in Suffolk has painted such a glowing portrait of you already! And she says that we even resemble each other – besides being a twenty-something brunette with blue eyes, do you have a monthly weight problem too, ha ha?



Jan 16, 2016

Dear Melissa, Thank you so much for the lovely teas. I can’t wait to try them!

Love, Sarah


Jan 18, 2016

Dear Melissa, I tried the teas that you sent. They were so amazing, the lovely peach scent is so fresh and has an undercurrent of something…not sure what. But thank you!

P.S. My husband Robert tried some tea, and he agrees that it’s quite lovely! He has such good judgment, and I value his opinion in everything.

Love, Sarah


Jan 25, 2016

Dearest Melissa, What a whirlwind this last week has been. I’ve been experiencing the strangest dreams. It’s hard to describe them exactly, but to say that they feature sexual themes, it seems. Colors that I can’t quite name, music from instruments that defy description…and the lovers, yes! There are people in my dreams – I can’t say men, or even boys, but I think they might be, some of them…they touch and caress me in a most unmasculine way, with feeling and tenderness I’ve never associated with a man!

And the tea…it is divine! I’ve been drinking it far too much, ha ha! Also, poor Robert is feeling poorly. I hope it’s only a stomach upset, but he’s so foolish with the things he eats sometimes, like a dog gobbling up road kill, to be crude, I’m sorry to say.

All my love, Sarah

P.S. As wonderful as the tea is, and as much as I want to hoard it all for myself, I took the extra box you sent me to my sister Lila. I know she’ll love it as much as I do!


Feb 2, 2016

Dearest Melissa, There was one dream, just last night…I was in bed, on my stomach, entirely nude – Oh, this is one of the dreams I’m telling you, not in real life with Robert in my bed. Poor Robert, he’s not feeling at all well currently. He feels it’s something he ate, but I think he eats too much of the wrong things and so it serves him right!

I’ve also left his bed. Perhaps I feel that he would feel better and recover faster if he didn’t have someone next to him disturbing his sleep, or perhaps I’m just coming to loathe him…but that would be a terrible thing for a wife to say, so I shan’t.

But as I was saying, I was deliciously naked in my bed…or somebody else’s, and this other person was sitting atop me, their naked bottom on mine as their fingers, long and graceful, and with the loveliest nails, caressed my back, nails scraping lightly from my shoulders on down my back in a straight line, 10 fingernails drawing pleasure through my back, my skin there tingling, the sweet sensation not dissipating but gathering together into a stream, like multiple small streams of water creating a larger one, the sharp tingles joining into an electric current that somehow made its way straight to – may I say it, we’ve never met but I feel that you might be a best friend, if not the best friend – my pussy and clit, a sharp shock of pleasure filling my soft little pink pearl, making it hard and tense, filled with ecstasy and it figuratively burst, radiating hot delight throughout my hips and cunt – yes, my cunt, I said it!

I can’t help it, the pleasure was too much, I must share with you! After all, you needn’t see how red my face is as I describe how lovely it felt to cum under another woman’s fingers – for I have decided it was indeed another woman making love to me in my dream.

She bent down over me, her sweet, heavy breasts warm against my back, with their hard nipples sharply scraping my tender flesh, each stroke along my skin sending shivers of pleasure through me. Then she straightened out her body behind me, her thighs pressing against the backs of my legs, so deliciously feminine and smooth; her pussy wet and hot against my plump ass. I could feel her hot cream actually dripping on me, her excitement to have another woman in her arms bringing her the pleasure of the orgasm, again and again!

She brought her face to the back of my neck, my long, curly hair full and smooth – she told me how lovely it felt to bury her face in it – but she soon brought her mouth to the sensitive skin of my neck and throat, kissing me and tickling me with her soft, warm and moist breath, hinting at her excitement and pleasure as she breathed so rapidly and shallowly.

“I must caress you, sweetness,” she murmured, and I shivered as her fingers crept around my midsection, entirely bare and defenseless before her, fingertips tickling me slightly under my arms and along my ribs, then approaching and engulfing my full breasts in her grasp. Oh, so heavenly!

The moment that a woman first feels another woman’s touch on her intimate feminine places is indescribable (but of course I will endeavor to describe anyway!)

I was used to the crude pawing of my husband and boys before him in college – just some 5 years ago – all lacking any semblance of grace or understanding, but this woman’s touch – her caress, actually, so perfect – as she held my warm breast in her soft hand, gently squeezing the breast itself, then her thumb and forefinger cleverly trailing up to the nipple and pinching, squeezing my dark pink lovely there until a sharp jolt of pain shot through my nipple directly to my clitoris. The climax overwhelmed me, shudders of amazing pleasure running rhythmically through my body and my being like waves on a beach, a tsunami of ecstasy drowning me then, my cries soft and weak as I let her have my body and soul for all time.

I must end this story for now – the puling infant who believes himself to be my husband is whining for something.

Yours in adoration, Sarah


Feb 04, 2016

My Dearest Love Melissa,

So much has happened in such a short time!

Robert has been taken to the hospital, something about his heart growing weak. This comforts me, as they will take better care of him than I am capable of, or inclined to.

And that leaves both a bigger bed for me and an emptier house with no chance of him snooping on me as I investigate my new inclinations.

Remember that I told you of my dream, of another woman caressing me, and bringing me the greatest pleasure? I decided to use the internet to explore the subject of woman-woman attraction, and oh, my goodness!

I went to the Amazon.com site – I go there for practically everything – and they have kindle books for “bi-curious women.” After all, I was curious…and most assuredly a woman, right? Of course, I’m not at all “bi”…just looking. Anyway, they are all about women who are interested in, um, doing things, with other women, and their stories and experiences. The stories captivated me right away, and I had no difficulty seeing myself in the roles of those women.

One fictional story (I think it was fiction), called “All the Young Girls Love Laura,” was about a woman, who works as a prostitute to other women, and the amazing sex that she had with them, her yearnings to be with another female, the need to feel a woman’s soft skin on her own, to taste the woman’s tongue as they kiss, to hear her sigh and moan in her ear as eventually they make love…

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